Lydia has an amazing eye and intuition for assessing movement and faulty muscle patterns.  Her work has helped me immensely in my riding and day to day life.  She has helped me overcome pain from an old injury that I thought would be chronic.  I couldn't recommend her more highly!

- Kim A. - Dressage Rider, Rocky Mountain House, AB 

My one on one experience with Lydia over the past year has been truly life changing for me.  I have MS and deal with mobility issues.  Lydia has changed the way my body works to make it work better.  Her hands on approach, her 'magic hands' I like to call them, have discovered many things my body has done to overcompensate for weak areas.  We have done many exercises to correct these weak areas and I can now move so much easier.  Without a Struggle.  Lydia's knowledge of how the body works, and doesn't at times, is amazing!!  She has been a blessing!! 

- Heather LeBlanc, Red Deer, AB 

When I started Pilates quite a few years ago I was unsure what to expect.  I never realized then what an impact it would have on my health and well being.  It didn't take long to develop a connection with Lydia.  She made me work harder than I ever thought I could and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of.  After only a few sessions I was hooked.  When Lydia took some time away from Pilates I also took the opportunity to take a break.  I regularly work out with weights and do intense cardio sessions including running and biking.  When Lydia contacted me to let me know she was returning I knew that was the last piece missing from my program.  She has helped me through a triathlon, 5 - 16 km trail runs and mud-hero all within 5 months, and a serious muscle and tendon imbalance injury.  If not for her I would never have been successful.  Not only has Pilates given me body balance but mental balance as well.  I am still amazed by how I am continually challenged and can see such changes in my physical ability.  I owe so many thanks to Lydia and her intuitive ability to teach, listen and work with me.

- Carey Walkey, Red Deer, AB

I started doing personal training with Lydia just over a year ago.  For years I have struggled with lower back, shoulder and neck pain, along with inner ear issues and associated dizziness.  I have done chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and osteopathy.  It wasn't until I started Pilates (on the advise of my osteopath) with Lydia that my body began to change and move differently for the better.  Lydia is very detail oriented in identifying every muscle in the body, ensuring proper movement.  She has amazing diagnostic skills and knows how my body is functioning when I walk into the room for a private session.  My range of motion and flexibility are much improved, I have less dizziness and a lot less pain.  I would highly recommend Lydia.  My journey continues, but so far the results are life changing.

- Denica Vikse, Red Deer, AB

Ms Christensen has worked with my daughter for quite some time now and since January 2014 is giving us both private Pilates sessions in our home. She is an experienced Pilates coach who tailors her classes to meet the individual needs of each client. I injured my knee 1 year previous and had pain walking up stairs.  Lydia was able to read my body language and help me strengthen muscles to allow me to take stairs without pain or medication. Increasing core strength also made it easier to do activities I love: gardening, walking.  I feel stronger getting out of the tub and I no longer have pain in my back or knee at night. The advantage of home classes: save time, comfort of familiar surroundings, individual attention.  Knowing that the sessions are predetermined makes it easier to attend on a regular basis. Lydia knows how to read the human body and teaches her clients to be aware of posture and body strength. I highly recommend her if you are interested in maintaining the strength and use of your body without injuring yourself.

 - Bernice Capusten - MD, Red Deer, AB


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